Video "Undeadable - Dead...but not buried!" - Promo-Trailer - Check out the official film websites:

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming German independent film "Undeadable - Dead...but not buried!". Its not on the level of "Iron Man" :P but I hope it will entertain you as well...

The whole project is written, produced and directed by Markus Haage, a 23-year-old kraut. It´s only supported by a bunch of good friends and so far no professional or even semi-professional movie company or person is supporting it.

If you would like to know more about the whole production of the film then visit (the official making of-site) OR (the official fim site)!

The music used in this trailer is written and performed by THE TRANSFER. If you would like to know more about their work then visit!

Markus Haage
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Medium:  Video
Tags:  Diary, Film, German, Haage, Hard, Harvest, Independent, Markus, Red, Undead, Undeadable, Zombies
Hinzugefügt:  vor 11 Jahren, 8 Monaten

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