Video I Don´t Want This - Story:

Cloud is deeply affected by Aerith's death, even years after the fact. So much he has even become slightly delusional. One day he sees a girl in the abandoned church and immediately thinks it to be Aerith. He greets her, only to find out she is Yuna, not the girl he once knew. He is taken back, still seeing too many similarities and thinking only of Aerith. He is about to try and get involved with her, but is held back by the fact that he wants the true Aerith, not an imitation. He quickly leaves, leaving Yuna taken back.
They do start a relationship, though, and Cloud starts noticing little things that Yuna does that reminds him of Aerith, although he starts realizing more that she is not Aerith, and that bothers him. Yuna becomes more attached to Cloud, even though she knows he doesn't love her for her. This continues on, Cloud becoming more aware of their differences. Eventually he can no longer see any similarities between the two, and that he cannot remember Aerith as clearly as he used to. Very distraught at this fact, he tells Yuna that they can no longer be together. Although she is crushed, Yuna leaves as indifferently as she can, and Cloud believes that he can still keep Aerith's memory close. He tries to imagine her as he used to, only to have Aerith's image leave and Yuna's appear in his head. He realizes that he has fallen in love with Yuna, not an 'imitation Aerith'. Yuna returns, and they embrace.
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Medium:  Video
Tags:  Aerith, Cloud, Ffvii, Final Fantasyffx, Yuna
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vor 8 Jahren, 8 Tagen
wonderful video =)

vor 8 Jahren, 9 Tagen
super schönes, gefühlvolles Video :-))