Video Yemen. Strategically Correct -The Whole Story - I was very nervous making this blog, for two reasons;
So much info messing with my mind at once, which makes my say the famous Obama "aah" a lot, and the fact that this topic isn't easy to talk about for me, who have NEVER talked about the NWO before...
However, this is real and open information, but as Rothchild Jr said in his book; "People don't read" so it doesn't matter what they put out there in the open. The people are all ready under their spell and wont question what they really do, even tho its right in front of them. Cuz they DON'T read!!
Prove those fuckers wrong! Prove to them that you wont take all their crap!!!

Links to which I refer.

Club of Rome 1991 Manifest

Rebuilding American Defenses

A very good article on Yemen and the CIAda
(A must read!!)

I made this video, to get the word out on what is going on in Yemen and what will, most likely, happen there in a short amount of time.
The UK just stated that they will enter Yemen with the US.

The picture I am painting here is one of NWO, one world government, WHY the middle-east, WHY Yemen.

I hope you find this useful and if what I say turns out to be wrong, then...
Well, then I at least, will be happy to be wrong!!!
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