Video gregory Porter - "Be Good (Lion's Song)" Official Video - "Be Good" is the first video from Jazz singer Gregory Porter's critically acclaimed album of the same name.

Video Credits: Directed by award winning filmmaker Pierre Bennu, with cinematography by Shawn Peters and special set work by visual artist Dirk Joseph.

Shot entirely on location in Baltimore, Maryland, director Pierre Bennu visually compliments Porter's intense lyrics and smooth, soulful vocals with vibrant colors and whimsical storytelling, and sets it all against Charm City's unique backdrop. As two lovers traverse their everyday lives amidst the mundane, Bennu draws on the power of everyday magic, the fear of loss, and the yearning for love in what he calls a "lullaby for your inner child."
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Medium:  Video
Tags:  Be Good, Gregory Porter, Jazz Music
Hinzugefügt:  vor 6 Jahren, 9 Monaten

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