Video Press Release Syndication - Off-Site Search Engine - A great offsite search engine optimization technique that we are going to talk about now is called PR (Press Release) Syndication. There are many websites out there to syndicate a Press Release out on the web. There is many ways to syndicate out to these press release sources. There are approximately unlimited press release sites out there, but I would say there is about 80 -100 that you can look at that are highly relevant. Then there is also PR newswire, which is where a lot of traditional media in some of the larger websites go to actually pull their Information from. So if I was looking at the PR syndication, I would want to indicate what category my press release is going to fit into. In this example we are going to say “health” which is my category, then we are going to want to assign an author; I will use myself, “Zach Hoffman”. These press release sites also like to make it search engine friendly, so I am going to add a keyword, which for example, if we are talking about the Defeating Diabetes website URL, I am going to use word “diabetes”. Then if the article is about “Type 1” for example, which it is, I’m going to add the keyword “Type 1 Diabetes”. Then it’s going to ask you for your URL website address, so you place it at the bottom here. Now what’s going to happen is that some of these press release sites, it will allow you to actually hyperlink the content that is relevant to the particular topic straight back into your website, or it will just straight index the entire article in this press release.
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