What is bendecho?
bendecho is the public platform for funny, weird and entertaining videos, images, games and links on the Internet. Become part of the community and join the fun! Rate, comment, add bookmarks, and much, much more... and of course you can post your stuff and share them with others.
Is bendecho free?
Yes! bendecho is and will continue to be free! We will never require you to enter your postal address or bank account details.
What is the difference between Upcoming and Popular?
New postings are listed in the Upcoming section first. Once a posting has accumulated enough ratings (thumbs up), it is moved into Popular and appears on the start page. In other words, in Popular you can find all of the best postings grouped together in a clear-cut way.
How does the family filter work?
We integrated a family filter to protect young people against potentially objectionable content. These postings are accessible to members above the age of 18.
Will I find any pornographic content on bendecho?
No! We do not accept pornographic content or links to it as a matter of principle.

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I registered but I didn't receive an email with an activation link?
Unfortunately, this can happen. Check your Spam folder to see if the email was spammed. If so, you should explicitly tag it as non-spam. If the email really hasn't arrived, you can simply request a new activation link via the Forgot your Password function.
I supplied the wrong email address when I registered?
In this case you will need to re-register. Unconfirmed registrations are deleted after a few days and you can change back to your original nickname.
My activation link won't work?
Please check if the link is complete; it ends with your nickname. We delete unconfirmed registrations after a few days. If you registered quite a while ago, you will therefore need to re-register.

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I've forgotten my password?
You can request a link to create a new password at any time. The email will be sent to the email address you specified in your profile.
I requested a new password, but only received an email with a link?
The new password request process comprises two steps. In other words, first click the link in the email, and you can then create a new password in the second step.
Which data can I log in with?
You inevitably need your password, accompanied either by your nickname or your email address.


How can I change my password?
How can I change my nickname?
How can I change my email address?
How can I change my notifications?
O.K., you are popular and wanted - lucky you! You can modify your notification settings anytime under settings.
What is Facebook Connect?
Facebook Connect is an option for logging into bendecho without having to confirm an activation link. You can link up your profile with Facebook later on.
How can I link my profile with Twitter?
You can link your profile with Twitter at any time and thus automatically send updates to Twitter.
How can I delete my profile?
Needless to say, you can delete your account and disappear forever anytime. If problems with us, members or other difficulties are the reason, please let us know and we will attempt to resolve the issue without delay. Needless to say, you are welcome to join us again at a later stage.


I am being harassed, insulted, or provoked. What can I do?
You can block individual members (link on the member's profile). This gives you a targeted approach to deciding which members are allowed to communicate with you. On top of this, you can define a general rule as to who can write you. What's more, you can report misbehaving members, without these members being notified of you reporting them.
Can I send a message to several friends?
Yes, you can send a message to several friends. Simply type the first letter of the friend's name in the To box.


How can I add a friend?
Searching, finding, requesting a friendship and waiting for confirmation - in no time at all, you are a confirmed friendship.
What are open friend requests?
If somebody offers to be your friend, you can either accept or refuse this request in the open friend requests section.
What are pending friends?
Friend requests that you sent to people without getting an answer yet are listed in pending friends.
How can I end a friendship?
You can delete unwanted friendships in your friends overview. The person concerned will not be notified - it is up to you to deliver the unpleasant news.
What happens if I reject a request?
In that case, you will simply not be friends. The person concerned will not be notified of your rejection.

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How can I post something?
All you need is a link (URL) to the content and off you go.
What can I post?
You need to know what bendecho is and what it's not. Your posting should be funny, weird, curious, or particularly entertaining and worth viewing for some other reason, and thus in line with our guidelines.
How can I post successfully?
We have put together a large collection of tips and tricks for successful posting here.
What is the difference between images, games, links and videos?
If your posting mainly features one or multiple video clips (for example YouTube,, Sevenload etc.), you should post it in the Videos section. The same thing applies to games and images. Everything else should be posted in the Links section. Please remember that all of your stuff should be funny, weird, or entertaining.
What kind of content is potentially unsuitable for children and young people?
More or less anything that can't be viewed on TV before 10.00 or 11.00 pm: violence, nudity. Please remember that your postings should be funny, weird, or entertaining - this is not true of excessive violence or obviously sexual content.
Can I post duplicate entries?
Posting existing stuff (use the search feature) is not exactly cool or fair. Instead, you should rate the existing posting. If you do post duplicate entries again and again, your account will be blocked for posting.
How long will it take until my posting makes the Popular section?
Your mileage can vary. An algorithm developed by bendecho continually calculates the ranking of the individual postings on bendecho. Besides the number of ratings, the ranking takes factors such as time, number of links from Facebook and Twitter and many other things into account in this process.
Does it make sense just to add links from major sites?
No! To keep things fair, we have developed a system that takes the reach of a site into account. This means that a website with a greater reach (such as YouTube) will need far more links than a smaller website to achieve the same effect when we work out how popular a posting is.

My Network

What does My Network mean?
You can follow individual members in order to add them to your network. The My Network section gives you a clear overview of the postings by these members and thus helps you keep up to date.
What do Following, Unfollow and Followers mean?
You can follow individual members in order to add them to your network. In other words, "Following" includes all the members you follow. Unfollow lets you remove a member from your network. Followers lists the members that follow you in their own networks.
If this section doesn't answer your question, just send us a message or use the contact form to reach.