What bendecho is

  • bendecho is THE platform for fun, humor, and entertainment, where you can find the best games, images, links and videos to share and send.
  • bendecho provides a space to laugh, discuss, and meet new friends.
  • bendecho is a community where members engage in a pleasant, friendly and open exchange. Everyone's opinions and feelings are accepted and respected.
  • bendecho is committed to protecting young people and children from content that might be detrimental to their development; we have taken numerous preventive measures for this purpose.

What bendecho is not

  • bendecho is NOT a tool for SEOs, spammers, or anybody else who wants to spread a link to the world.
  • bendecho is NOT a page for pornographic or illegal content. This section details what you are, and what you are not, allowed to do.
  • bendecho is NOT an advertising platform. Of course, this doesn't prevent you from posting something from your own page occasionally, but within reason.
  • bendecho is NOT a portal for personal bookmarks; in other words, anything you publish should not already be available on bendecho, and it should be fun, weird, curious, or entertaining and worth viewing for some other reason.
  • bendecho is NOT a platform for intolerance, insults, aggression or the like. Please do not respond to activities of this kind, but do report them immediately to the bendecho team.
  • bendecho is NOT a platform for multiple identities. A single profile gives you sufficient scope to express your personality.
  • bendecho is NOT an offering for commercial purposes and activities.